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would <nég wouldn't> [Brit wʊd, wəd, Am wʊd, wəd, (ə)d] VERB modal a. 'd When would is used with a verb in English to form the conditional tense, would + verb is translated by the present conditional of the appropriate verb in French and would have + verb by the past conditional of the appropriate verb: I would do it if I had time = je le ferais si j'avais le temps; I would have done it if I had had time = je l'aurais fait si j'avais eu le temps; he said he would fetch the car = il a dit qu'il irait chercher la voiture.
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1. would (in sequence of past tenses, in reported speech):

2. would (in conditional statements):

6. would (in polite requests or proposals):

would-be [Brit ˈwʊdbi, Am ˈwʊd ˌbi] ADJ


词条would在法文»英文中的译文 (跳至 英文»法文)

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词条would在英文»法文中的译文 (跳至 法文»英文)

1. would pt of enfrenir-RQ-l will

参见: will2, will1


词条would在法文»英文中的译文 (跳至 英文»法文)

would PONS词典中的例句(已经编辑处理)

do as you would be done by Brit prov




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