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I.why [waɪ, Am hwaɪ] ADV Why translates as pourquoi in French, but see II. and III. below for exceptions.
As with other words such as , quand, comment etc., questions are formed by inserting est-ce que after the question word: why did you go? = pourquoi est-ce que tu y es allé? or by inverting the subject and verb after the question word, which is slightly more formal: pourquoi y es-tu allé? In spoken French the question word can be put at the end: tu y es allé pourquoi?
why occurs with certain reporting verbs such as ask, explain, know, think and wonder. For translations, see these entries.

1. why (in questions):

IV.why [waɪ, Am hwaɪ] INTERJ dated

参见: wherefore, reason

I.wherefore [Brit ˈwɛːfɔː, Am ˈ(h)wɛrˌfɔr] ADV liter

II.wherefore [Brit ˈwɛːfɔː, Am ˈ(h)wɛrˌfɔr] CONJ prov

III.wherefore [Brit ˈwɛːfɔː, Am ˈ(h)wɛrˌfɔr]

I.reason [Brit ˈriːz(ə)n, Am ˈrizən] NOUN

1. reason (cause):

by reason of form

2. reason (explanation):


词条why在法文»英文中的译文 (跳至 英文»法文)


why 在《PONS词典》中的词汇

词条why在英文»法文中的译文 (跳至 法文»英文)

who/where/why on earth ... inf

词条why在法文»英文中的译文 (跳至 英文»法文)

why PONS词典中的例句(已经编辑处理)

who/where/why on earth ... inf




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