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I.other [Brit ˈʌðə, Am ˈəðər] ADJ

4. other (different, not the same):

III.other [Brit ˈʌðə, Am ˈəðər] PRON

IV.other [Brit ˈʌðə, Am ˈəðər]

参见: word, somewhere, none, hand

1. word (verbal expression):

2. word (anything, something):

3. word U (information):

4. word (promise, affirmation):

somewhere [Brit ˈsʌmwɛː, Am ˈsəmˌ(h)wɛr] ADV

1. somewhere (some place):

1. none (not any, not one):

2. none (not any, no part):

3. none (nobody, not one person):

II.none [Brit nʌn, Am nən] ADV (not, not at all)

1. hand ANAT:

7. hand (possession):

each other PRON a. one another Each other is very often translated by using a reflexive pronoun ( nous, vous, se).
For examples and particular usages see the entry below.

other-worldly [Brit, Am ˌəðərˈwərldli] ADJ

A. N. Other [Brit eɪ ɛn ˈʌðə, Am ˌeɪ ɛn ˈəðər] NOUN Brit

I.every [Brit ˈɛvri, Am ˈɛvri] DET Every is most frequently translated by tous les/toutes les + plural noun: every day = tous les jours. When every is emphasized to mean every single, it can also be translated by chaque. For examples and exceptions, see the entry below.

1. every (each):

2. every (emphatic):