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or [Brit ɔː, Am ɔr] CONJ In most uses or is translated by ou. There are two exceptions to this:
When used to link alternatives after a negative verb ( I can't come today or tomorrow). For translations see 3. below.
When used to indicate consequence ( be careful or you'll cut yourself) or explanation ( it can't be serious or she'd have called us) the translation is sinon: fais attention sinon tu vas te couper; ça ne peut pas être grave sinon elle nous aurait appelés. See 6. and 7. below.

2. or (linking two clear alternatives):

or 在《PONS词典》中的词汇

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参见: either

I.either [ˈaɪðəʳ, Am ˈi:ðɚ] ADJ

II.either [ˈaɪðəʳ, Am ˈi:ðɚ] PRON

III.either [ˈaɪðəʳ, Am ˈi:ðɚ] ADV (in alternatives)

IV.either [ˈaɪðəʳ, Am ˈi:ðɚ] CONJ


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