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词条here’在英文»法文中的译文 (跳至 法文»英文) [Brit hɪə, Am hɪr] ADV When here is used to indicate the location of an object/point etc close to the speaker, it is generally translated by ici: come and sit here = viens t'asseoir ici.
When the location is not so clearly defined, is the usual translation: he's not here at the moment = il n'est pas là pour l'instant.
Remember that voici is used to translate here is when the speaker is drawing attention to an object/a place/a person etc physically close to him or her.
For examples and particular usages, see entry below.

1. here (indicating place):

2. here (to draw attention): [Brit hɪə, Am hɪr] INTERJ inf

参见: here and now


词条here’在法文»英文中的译文 (跳至 英文»法文)

here’ 在《PONS词典》中的词汇

词条here’在英文»法文中的译文 (跳至 法文»英文)

词条here’在法文»英文中的译文 (跳至 英文»法文)


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