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go-between [Brit ˈɡəʊbɪtwiːn, Am ˈɡoʊ bəˌtwin] NOUN

I.between [Brit bɪˈtwiːn, Am bəˈtwin] PREP When between is used as a preposition expressing physical location ( between the lines), time ( between 8 am and 11 am), position in a range ( between 30 and 40 kilometres), relationship ( link between, difference between) it is translated by entre. For particular usages, see the entry below.

5. between (indicating connection or relationship):

7. between (together, in combination):

II.between [Brit bɪˈtwiːn, Am bəˈtwin] ADV a. in between

I.sandwich [Brit ˈsan(d)wɪdʒ, ˈsan(d)wɪtʃ, Am ˈsænˌ(d)wɪtʃ] NOUN

tween [Brit twiːn, Am twin], tweenie NOUN inf

I.shuttle [Brit ˈʃʌt(ə)l, Am ˈʃədl] NOUN

II.shuttle [Brit ˈʃʌt(ə)l, Am ˈʃədl] VERB trans

II.tweet [Brit twiːt, Am twit] VERB intr (post online messages)

I.tweed [Brit twiːd, Am twid] NOUN (cloth)

etween 在《PONS词典》中的词汇


参见: in between

weeny <-ier, -iest> [ˈwi:nɪ] ADJ inf




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