around 在《牛津英法词典》中的词汇


I.around [Brit əˈraʊnd, Am əˈraʊnd] ADV Around often appears as the second element of certain verb structures ( come around, look around, turn around etc.). For translations, consult the appropriate verb entry ( come, look, turn etc.).
go around and get around generate many idiomatic expressions. For translations see the entries go around, and get around.

3. around (in circulation):

7. around (in different, opposite direction):

II.around [Brit əˈraʊnd, Am əˈraʊnd] PREP a. Brit round

2. around (throughout):

III.around [Brit əˈraʊnd, Am əˈraʊnd]

参见: turn, look, go around, get round, get around, come

1. turn (opportunity, in rotation):

5. turn (change, development):

1. turn (rotate):

3. turn (change direction of):

5. turn (transform):

1. turn (change direction):

3. turn (revolve):

7. turn (change):

1. look (glance):

3. look (expression):

4. look (appearance):

1. look (gaze, stare):

1. look:

3. look (appear, seem):

5. look: