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I.only [Brit ˈəʊnli, Am ˈoʊnli] CONJ (but)

II.only [Brit ˈəʊnli, Am ˈoʊnli] ADJ

1. only (sole):

III.only [Brit ˈəʊnli, Am ˈoʊnli] ADV

1. only (exclusively):

4. only (merely):

5. only (just):

VI.only [Brit ˈəʊnli, Am ˈoʊnli]

参见: name, if, first name

1. name (title):

2. name (reputation):

I.if [Brit ɪf, Am ɪf] CONJ If is almost always translated by si, except in the case of a very few usages which are shown below.

1. if (in the event that, supposing that):

2. good (benefit):

III.good <comp better, superl best> [Brit ɡʊd, Am ɡʊd] ADJ

1. good (enjoyable):

15. good (competent):

VI.good [Brit ɡʊd, Am ɡʊd] INTERJ

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词条Good vibes only在英文»法文中的译文

III.only [ˈəʊnli, Am ˈoʊn-] CONJ (but)