Wie lautet die englische Übersetzung eines Wortes oder einer Phrase? Ist meine Übersetzung korrekt? Bitte möglichst viel Kontext angeben...
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If I am not mistaken, I believe that the definition given for Induktionsherd is not correct. Induktion and induction I believe have the same French root and refer to the use of alternating current to produce heat. Herd, of course, is a cognate with hearth and would be generally translated as stove in English.
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Re: Induktionsherd

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Hello CrassBrauer,

Etymologically speaking this is true: I wouldn't consider the use of "Herd" incorrect though, but simply more colloquial - a generally accepted translation for everyday purposes which would most likely be translated differently in a specialized context (e.g. technical documentation, instructions for use, or when writing a brochure etc.).

The term "Induktionskochfeld" ("induction cooktop" or "induction hob") might be more suitable to your purposes; a good suggestion for inclusion in the dictionary :idea:



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